The Lawn Care Guide for Fall

The Lawn Care Guide for Fall

Aeration: One of the most crucial things you can do to prepare your grass for success is aeration. Aeration relieves compaction, giving your grassroots the oxygen they need and the space they need to develop. If you'd prefer to do this yourself, you can either buy a manual aerator or hire one from your neighbourhood shop.

Overseed: As the name implies, overseeding your grass entails adding a lot of seed to make sure it germinates. It's a crucial component of your fall lawn maintenance because worn-out, patchy lawns tempt weeds and diseases. Because there are pockets in the soil where the seeds can take root, it's a fantastic complement to your aeration efforts. It is advised to overseed with ryegrass and tall fescue, which do best in this location, for residents of a few parts of New York. These cool-weather grass seedlings need between 10 and 30 days to sprout. Both varieties of grass encourage thick, vitality, and a healthy shade of green.

Clean yard waste: While it may be tempting to leave the leaves on your grass for another day, the waste on your lawn serves as the ideal habitat for fungi and other animals. Chipmunks, mice, rats, rabbits, skunks, snakes, toads, and other animals find this additional layer on top of your grass to be a comfortable, temperature-controlled home. Unfortunately, these animals might even decide to break into your home if that leaf pile is near to it.

Mow your lawn: Until the start of autumn, keep mowing as usual. The optimal height for your final mowing of the season is about 2-1/2". This height allows your grass some leeway without it getting out of control in a few weeks if it continues to develop after the last cut. Additionally, it won't rise excessively or serve as a refuge for small animals. You've probably never mowed at a height this low in a year, but you still need to be cautious to find the sweet spot. If your vegetation is too short, it might not be able to photosynthesize and give the roots the nutrients they need. After a lot of precipitation, it might become a matted mess if it's too high and frosty.

Kill your lawn’s weeds: The perennial weeds that will infest your grass once more in the spring should be fought off now. Because weeds are storing energy in their root systems rather than using it to grow as they do in the spring and summer, it is truly thought to be the best time of year to control weeds. They are more vulnerable to herbicide treatments as a result. If you're going to use weedkiller right away, wait up to two or three weeks before planting seeds, or you run the chance of damaging the delicate seedlings.

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